Department of Information Technology Security


The International Scientific and Technical Conference “IEEE IEMTRONICS 2021”, Toronto, Canada

The International Scientific and Technical Conference “IEEE IEMTRONICS 2021” was held on April 21-24, 2021 in Toronto, Canada.

The conference aims to find original ideas in the broad field of IoT, information technology and mobile communications, including problems and opportunities for the application of various cybersecurity technologies and technical information security.

The conference program can be found here.

The main directions of the conference:

IoT & Data Science

  • IoT and blockchain
  • IoT and big data
  • Next-generation infrastructure for IoT
  • Cloud computing and IoT
  • Edge computing and IoT
  • IoT platforms, tools, and applications
  • IoT systems development methodologies
  • IoT applications

Information Technology

  • Business Intelligence and Applications
  • Computer Network
  • Evolutionary Computation and Algorithms
  • Intelligent Information Processing
  • Information System Integration and Decision Support
  • Image Processing and Multimedia Technology
  • Signal Detection and Processing
  • Technique and Application of Database
  • Software Engineering
  • Mobile Computing
  • Distributed Systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Visualization and Computer Graphic
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Secured distributed systems
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of Things, Data Mining
  • Data Science
  • Cloud Computing in E-Commerce Scenarios
  • E-Business Systems Integration and Standardization, E-government
  • Electronic Business Model and Method
  • E-Commerce Risk Management
  • Recommender system
  • Semantic Web Service Architecture for E-Commerce
  • Service Oriented E-Commerce and Business Processes
  • Data Analytics and Big Data
  • Software defined networking

Mobile Communication

  • Ad hoc networks
  • Body and personal area networks
  • Cloud and virtual networks
  • Cognitive radio networks
  • Cyber security
  • Cooperative communications
  • Delay tolerant networks
  • Future wireless Internet
  • Local dependent networks
  • Location management
  • Mobile and wireless IP, Mobile computing
  • Multi-hop networks
  • Network architectures
  • Network Security, Information Security, Encoding Technology
  • Routing, QoS and scheduling
  • Satellite communications
  • Self-organising networks
  • Telecommunication Systems
  • Vehicular networks
  • Wireless multicasting, Wireless sensor networks


From our department at the conference spoke:

Eugene KOTUKH, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of Computer Science SSU, Adviser to the Head of the State Audit Service, Gennady KHALIMOV, Head of the Department of Information Technology Security, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Svetlana Khalimova, Assistant  of Department of Electronic Computers with report «Improved Encryption Scheme Based on the Automorphism Group of the Ree Function Field», which was presented in the Mobile Communications section on April 22, 2021.

Other teachers of the department also joined the interesting sessions of this conference.

The International Scientific and Technical Conference “IEEE IEMTRONICS 2021”, Toronto, Canada