Department of Information Technology Security



A competition for mobility during the 2021-2022 academic year in the spring semester for the ICT industry (code 067 according to the international standard UNESCO – ISCED) is announced at the ECAM-EPMI Graduate School of Engineering, Sergi, France.

For masters of the second year of study in order to prepare a master’s thesis for 2 months from 28.03.2022 to 30.05.2022.

For graduate students, starting from the second year of study, for two to four months.
To participate in the competition it is necessary to send a CV and motivation letter by the end of the week to the e-mail address of the coordinator of international programs of the AI Department Titova L.V.

Criteria for selection of candidates (by importance):

-Academic success

-Knowledge of English

-Lack of experience in participating in academic mobility projects

-Presence of unfavorable socio-economic circumstances (internally displaced persons, etc.)

Training is free. A travel and accommodation grant is provided by the Erasmus + KA107 grant program.