Department of Information Technology Security


Andrii Vlasov

Andrii Vlasov
Associate Professor the Department of Information Technology Security, Ph.D.

Education and Career

1995 – graduated from the KhMU (under the MIRTA Air Defense program)

1995 – 2001 – military service

2001 – 2004 – Junior Researcher, Researcher of the Scientific Center (Air Force and Air Defense at KhMU)

2004 – 2007 – Researcher, Senior Researcher at the Joint Research Institute of the Armed Forces

2007 – to present – Research, Senior Research, Leading Research at the Scientific Center of the Air Force, KhMUAF

2018 – 2021 – Senior Lecturer of the Department of ITS (part-time)

2021 – to present – Associate Professor of ITS

Researcher activity

Leading researcher at the Research Department of the Air Force Research Center of the Kharkiv National Air Force University (main place of work)

Publications and patents

Has over 80 publications, 11 patents for a utility model.