Department of Information Technology Security


Volodymyr Zabolotniy

Volodymyr Zabolotniy
Professor of Department of Information Technologies Security, Member of EMC, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

Education and Career

1972 – graduated from the Leningrad Military Engineering Academy. Mozhaisky

1982 – defended his candidate’s dissertation in the field 20.01.12.

1967-1996 – service in the armed forces.

1996-2001 – Associate Professor HUPPS.

2001-2009 – Associate Professor of the Department of BIT KNURE.

2009 – Professor of the Department of BIT KNURE.

Educational activity

Teaches disciplines: systems of technical protection of information, integrated information security systems (section TZI complexes), protection from technical intelligence, technical protection of information during construction and installation work, models of technical channels of information leakage.

Researcher activity

The object of scientific researches is the processes of protection of information from leakage by channels of side electromagnetic radiation and inducements, processes of protection from means of technical intelligence.

The subject of research – the creation of measures and means of protecting information from leakage channels by-pass electromagnetic radiation and inducements, protection from the means of technical intelligence.


Publications and patents

Has over 20 publications, 1 copyright certificate.